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Having skin imperfections like unwanted body hair or blemishes can impact your self-confidence. At Ryan R. Stevens, M.D. in Corvallis, Oregon, Dr. Stevens offers state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments using the Icon™ Aesthetic System. To learn more about the skin conditions that Icon can treat, call Dr. Stevens’ ear, nose, and throat clinic or schedule an appointment online today.

Icon Q & A

What is the Icon Aesthetic System?

The Icon Aesthetic System is a noninvasive cosmetic treatment that uses laser technology to improve numerous skin conditions. This innovative system not only provides faster results comfortably, but it also comes with patented technology like a melanin density reader that guarantees optimal outcomes for all skin types.

Unlike medications and surgical cosmetic treatments, Icon laser treatments revitalize your skin with fewer side effects and faster recovery times, often providing results in a single session.

What skin conditions can the Icon treat?

Depending on your skin condition, Icon therapy works in numerous ways, making it one of the most effective laser aesthetic systems for treating a variety of skin conditions, including:

  • Skin resurfacing: microbeams penetrates deep dermal layers to trigger new skin growth
  • Hair removal: targeted light destroys hair follicles without harming surrounding skin
  • Stretch marks: fractional laser energy breaks up pigment and stimulates collagen production
  • Scarring: fractional light destroys scar tissue
  • Wrinkle reduction: ablative fractional laser technology prompts skin regeneration
  • Photorejuvenation: Intense pulsed light (IPL) eliminates discoloration and facial vessels
  • Spider veins: laser light constricts blood vessels, making them less visible

Each technique is fast and simple, sometimes taking lasting only a matter of minutes.

What can I expect during an Icon treatment?

Your Icon treatment at Ryan R. Stevens, M.D. often takes 30 minutes or less, though it depends on your unique condition. In some cases, you may feel a gentle pinch or snap like a rubber band. The innovative technology behind the Icon Aesthetic System should make any discomfort mild, however.

After your Icon therapy, you may have swelling or redness in the treatment area similar to a sunburn. These symptoms usually fade quickly. However, for more extensive treatments, it may take up to four days for your symptoms to subside.

Certain skin conditions, like hair removal, are more effective with multiple Icon treatments. Dr. Stevens and his team work closely with you to develop an effective treatment strategy to ensure maximum results based on your condition and desired outcomes.

To learn more about Icon aesthetic treatments, call Ryan R. Stevens, M.D. or schedule an appointment online today.