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Fortunately, you don’t have to just live with hearing loss now that innovative and effective hearing aids are available. If you have hearing loss and you’re interested in hearing aids, you should book your personal consultation at Ryan R. Stevens, M.D. in Corvallis, Oregon, where ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr. Stevens can help you explore your options and choose what’s best. Improve your hearing with the latest impressive hearing aid technologies and call or click to schedule today.

Hearing Aid Consultation Q & A

What is a hearing aid consultation?

Before hearing aids can be fitted, you need to choose the right ones, find out how they work, ask questions, and more. All of this can be covered during your hearing aid consultation with Sheri Smith.

Your hearing aid consultation usually begins with a complete examination of your ears and hearing. After you’ve completed sufficient diagnostic hearing tests, Sheri Smith reviews your results and discusses your results with you in detail.

Depending on the type of hearing aids you select, you might have to wait until your next appointment to have your hearing aid fitting. Customized hearing aids need to be made to fit the contours of your ears, and this might require more time if your hearing aids are manufactured and delivered to Sheri Smith. In many cases, you can have your hearing aid fitting right after your consultation.

How do I choose the right hearing aids?

During your hearing aid consultation, Sheri Smith also asks you questions about your daily activities, your lifestyle, the kind of listening situations that are the most important to you, and your goals and expectations for your hearing aids.

For example, if you lead a more active lifestyle and attend various social events, you might require more versatile hearing aids to meet your listening demands in different environments and more challenging acoustic situations. More severe hearing loss typically requires a more powerful and sometimes a bigger hearing aid.

Many hearing aids produced today also use telecoils and wireless technology where you can even stream music and phone calls. Some hearing aids sit behind the ear and others sit inside the ear canal. Sheri Smith can help you to make the best decision.

The right fit for you depends on the severity and type of your hearing loss, your budget, your cosmetic preferences, career demands, and other factors.

Why is a hearing aid consultation important?

Your hearing aid consultation is essential on many fronts. It gives you a chance to explore and discuss your available hearing aid options with a qualified ear, nose, and throat specialist who has extensive knowledge of the different types of hearing aids.

Your hearing aid consultation also allows you to choose the right hearing aids and get to know Sheri Smith. He can then teach you how to best take care of your aids, so they last as long as possible.

Select the right hearing aids to enhance your quality of life, and call Ryan R. Stevens, M.D. or book online today.