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The right custom hearing protection really can protect your hearing for years to come. No matter whether you’re a musician, sound producer, or an industrial worker, or if you have other reasons for seeking custom hearing protection, at Ryan R. Stevens, M.D. in Corvallis, Oregon, experienced ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr. Stevens has solutions. Choose from high-quality earmolds and exceptional brands and technology to improve your day-to-day life while putting your health first. Call Ryan R. Stevens, M.D. or simply book your consultation online.

Custom Hearing Protection Q & A

What is custom hearing protection?

Custom hearing protection refers to specific devices and solutions, such as earmolds, that are designed and customized to protect your hearing during loud activities, events, and environments.

Listening to a loud noise for too long can begin to damage the tiny nerve cells in your inner ear. If you have ongoing exposure to sounds above 85 decibels, it can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Sheri Smith provides customized hearing protection tailored to specific activities and environments and custom-made to fit the shape of your ears for optimal comfort.

Who should choose custom hearing protection?

Many people with different interests, hobbies, lifestyles, and professions are interested in — and can benefit from — custom hearing protection, such as swimmers and musicians. Some stock car racers and even some professional football teams also choose hearing protection, such as an earmold with an acoustical chamber that blocks most noise while still allowing the wearer to understand speech.


Swimming and diving can leave water trapped inside your ear canal. This can lead to irritation or infection. With the right custom hearing protection, the water stays out.

Hunters and shooters

If you frequently visit a shooting range or if you’re a hunter, you should keep in mind that even one single gunshot can cause permanent hearing loss. Hearing protection is essential for shooting ranges, hunting, and other sports that involve firearms.


For musicians and anyone who frequents loud concerts or often listens to loud music, it’s important to protect your hearing and maintain the sound quality. Custom hearing protection for musicians and music lovers still allows you to enjoy a rich and natural sound.

Construction workers

Airport workers and industrial and construction workers might often be exposed to loud noises and machinery like the noise from a power drill that usually registers at around 90 decibels, or a jackhammer that often registers over 130 decibels.


Military personnel are often exposed to loud sounds, such as gunfire, explosions, and airplane and ship engines.

What are the benefits of custom hearing protection?

As well as protecting your hearing, custom hearing protection offers many benefits, such as comfort and discretion.

Sheri Smith can make impressions of your ear canals for a comfortable and custom fit. You can choose from hearing aid earmolds, swim plugs, noise plugs, filtered musicians’ plugs, hunters’ noise blockers with amplification, and many other options.

Earmolds come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, such as flexible or rigid, or protruding or tucked away. Earmolds are typically derived from plastic or silicone and fit snuggly and precisely in your ear canal.

Protect your hearing and be proactive with your health. Call Ryan R. Stevens, M.D. or book online today.