Hearing Evaluation


Your Hearing Evaluation

Your audiologist will perform an otoscopic examination of your ears, and will review your medical history, as well as your auditory symptoms. Then she will perform a diagnostic audiometric hearing evaluation on each ear, which includes testing your hearing for different frequencies, and speech understanding tests. 


Patients of all ages should complete a hearing exam. Even those who do not have signs of hearing loss. Hearing loss can be a progressive condition that often develops slowly over time which makes it difficult to notice until it becomes a significant hearing loss. Often hearing loss occurs in some frequencies while other frequencies continue to be heard at near normal levels. The makes the person feel like he or she does not have any hearing problem, but that other people seem to mumble or speak unclearly.

Early diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss is essential for better speech understanding now and in later years.

A hearing test by a Certified, licensed audiologist is especially important if :

  • You have noticed a change in hearing
  • You are having more difficulty with speech understanding in background noise, in group situations, or with TV listening.
  • You have been exposed to loud noise levels, such as shooting guns, or occupational noise
  • You have tinnitus (ringing or other noises) in one or both ears.
  • You have had chronic middle ear infections
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