Hearing Aid Consultation and Recommendations


Dr. Stevens’ office offers Hearing Aid Consultation with the Audiologist. Your audiologist, will consult with you to review the findings of your Audiometric hearing evaluation, and to help you identify your individual communication needs. She will give you information about different types of hearing aids and the different features and levels of technology in each, along with the costs of each level.

The audiologist will also show you a number of hearing aid styles (e.g. behind the ear, Custom In the ear, and Open canal styles). She will advise you of some of the pros and Cons of each type, and may recommend a style that could be most beneficial based on your particular hearing loss.

The Hearing Aid Consultation is a no cost informative appointment. This appointment is designed to give you a clear understanding of your hearing help options, to give you professional recommendations based on your hearing loss “prescription,” and to give you support to help you make your own decision.

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