What to expect at your Audiology Evaluation, or "Why Do I need a hearing test?"

If you see Dr. Stevens for ear problems, hearing difficulty, tinnitus, or dizziness, you will probably be seeing me for a hearing evaluation.  

"But I just need to see the doctor, why do I have to get a hearing test?" you ask.

Actually, it's not just a hearing test, but a battery of audiometric tests, each checking the health and function of different parts of the auditory system.  These include a check of your hearing with pure tones and with bone conducted vibrations, speech understanding tests, and tympanometry (a measure of your middle ear and eardrum movements with soundwaves).

All the test results, taken together with the Doctor's findings, can give him a good deal of information to help in the diagnosis, documentation, and treatment of your problem.  

Good health and good hearing-

Sheri Smith, MS, F-AAA Audiologist

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