October is Audiology Awareness Month

Have you had your hearing checked by an audiologist?

This is a great time to make an appointment for a diagnostic hearing evaluation.  As the clinical audiologist at Ryan R. Stevens, MD, I will perform your evaluation and will review the results with you immediately.  Your Audiogram is a chart showing your hearing levels, across a range of frequencies, and will identify whether you any have any hearing loss at this time.  Then future test results can be compared to this Baseline Audiogram to monitor your hearing levels as time goes on.

Audiologists are also well trained to interpret test results and to detect signs of possible medical issues that may underly a hearing loss.    It is important to identify potential medical problems and to have them diagnosed and treated by the doctor, in order to 

a.  restore one's Hearing

b.  protect one's Health and Safety.    

If you have significant hearing loss, that is not medically correctable, we can provide you with informative counseling, resources, recommendations and ongoing support to help you make your own decisions regarding hearing rehabilitation, hearing aids, and tinnitus management.  

Call 541 757 4999, to schedule your Audiology Evaluation. 





Sheri Smith, MS, F-AAA Audiologist

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