Meeting with Corvallis Pediatricians

Dr. Stevens gave me a gracious introduction to the Physicians and staff of Samaritan Pediatrics in Corvallis.  He also presented information and led a discussion on the importance of early detection, identification and managment of hearing loss in early childhood. Certain types of hearing loss from birth or infancy could be a symptom of a larger syndrome or disorder.  Sensorineural hearing loss alone, if unidentified and untreated, will delay a child's development of speech and language, and significantly affect academic achievement.  

PARENTS: Please be sure to follow through on your pediatrician's advice to have your child's hearing evaluated.   The Audiology services at Ryan Stevens,MD, make our office a great resource for children who fail a hearing screening at school, or in their doctor's office.  




Sheri Smith, MS, F-AAA Audiologist

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