Better Hearing for the Holidays

The holidays bring friends and family get-togethers, with lively conversation, multiple talkers, laughter and clatter of dishes.  Add a TV football game into the mix and you get that happy, noisy, holiday that we all cherish. 

For people with hearing loss, understanding speech amid all the noise can be very challenging, if not impossible,  even with hearing aids.  Participation in conversations and activities in such noise, can be very difficult, stressful, and sometimes impossible, leaving the affected person feeling, left out and isolated. Several research studies have found depression to be associated with hearing loss, due to this type of social isolation.     

TIP:  If you or someone you know wears hearing aids, bring them in to be cleaned and checked before the holidays.  They may be adjusted to minimize background noise and help the listener focus on the person talking.   We may also be able to modify or create an additional Program in the hearing aids specifically for those louder crowd situations.  

If your hearing aids are more than a few years old, you might consider some of the newer technology which can quickly react to noise from all directions.  With the latest advances (and an experienced audiologist) your settings can be adjusted to keep the amplified sound within your comfort range better than ever before. 

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Sheri Smith, MS, F-AAA Audiologist

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